An Integrated Strategy To Distributed Security

The traditional model of an enterprise data center protected by multiple layers of security must shift to accommodate the increased threats posed by environments dominated by cloud-based applications and less secure distributed networks. 

To counter this, we have created a solution that dynamically assesses application, device, and user risk. When paired with our proven CAAP security strategy, our Intelligent Security Engine (ISE) allows you to adapt your security posture to threats as they emerge in real time.

Currently available through our Managed Services Platform (MSP), our proprietary ISE consists of seven highly integrated components that leverage combined visibility to both data security and identity management technologies. This enables you to create policies that adapt to risk levels by using context-based decision making, creating a real-time, unified security shield across the enterprise.

Syntegrity’s Intelligent Security Engine integrates the following components to deliver an entirely new level of enterprise security:

  1. Determines application data usage, current known vulnerabilities, and patching, among other system parameters.
  2. Tracks occurrence policies, transactions, channels, and other risk factors.
  3. Employs multiple risk engines to create visibility between users, access levels, policies, and devices.
  4. Establishes user/device profiles and tracks usage models with a Dynamic Policy Engine.
  5. Leverages big data database via risk processing algorithms.
  6. Activates an overlay enforcement point for highly contextualized security decision making.
  7. User dashboard delivers an entirely new level of real-time control and visibility to threats, access, and the overall health of security environments. 

For more information on Syntegrity’s proprietary ISE and how it can bolster your security strategy, please contact us at 1-888-796-8341 or