Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive Authentication is a risk-based authentication and identification platform that balances security, usability, and functionality. It is designed to customize the required authentication levels depending on the authenticating user’s risk score. Syntegrity’s Adaptive Authentication module sits on top of OpenAM and allows the enterprise to augment the user’s authentication process with:

  • Profile and Registration authentication for devices
  • One Time Password Generation via phone call, SMS or e-mail
  • Security Challenge questions via predefined PII knowledge based question
  • Chained Authentication Framework- A pluggable authentication framework for organizations wanting more versatility
  • Site Authentication- Allows users to display a previously registered personal security image and caption, giving them additional assurance they are communicating with the appropriate site

We also offer the Adaptive Authentication Module as an add-on service to your existing OpenAM/SSO infrastructure or as a stand-alone federated service. This allows users to take advantage of our Strong Authentication Offerings to enable future Risk-Adaptable Access Control (RADAC) for accessing supplemental information.

Intelligent Authentication

Authentication forms the foundation for enterprise security models. The common paradigm for authentication is user ID and password but, as compliance requirements surrounding a user’s identity grow and their access profile increases within the business, so does the need to validate the user’s credentials. Strong Authentication provides more protection for sensitive data than just user name/password. When it is coupled with mutual authentication, adaptive authentication, and non-repudiation offers, there is a much stronger assurance when sensitive transactions are conducted by known and trusted parties.

Syntegrity brings Strong Authentication support to the enterprise via ForgeRock’s OpenAM platform. Strong Authentication modules supporting Encap, SecureID, SafeWord, Yubikey, and others are available along with custom authentication modules. Incorporating Kerberos, Web Services Security, Adaptive Authentication, OTP, HOTP and others which plug directly into your existing OpenAM infrastructure allows the rapid deployment of strong authentication across the enterprise.

Intelligent Provisioning

We solve the identity administrative burden by bridging the gap between commercial products and the requirements of the enterprise. Starting with the key business requirements and mapping them to the employee lifecycle, we provide standardized deployments for the most common use cases:

  • Automated account provisioning upon hiring
  • Account disablement upon completion of the employee account lifecycle.
  • Data synchronization across multiple disparate systems
  • User self-service life cycle Management- create, update, delete
  • Approval workflows
  • Reporting

Beyond standardized deployments, use cases can present many different requirements. User provisioning to enterprise LDAP directories and database repositories are rudimentary to automate, but higher level integrations into business critical applications often have more complex requirements for self-service, workflow approval, application specific Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) and further augmentation/aggregation of data.

Syntegrity has mitigated this potential hazard by developing business process models to identify critical elements and realign them with the business owner use cases. Our extensive experience provides a sound basis for generating repeatable workflows and increasing productivity between common business processes and tight timelines while reducing costs.