About Syntegrity:

As the leading provider of integrated security strategies for enterprises in the Global 2000, Syntegrity is driving the adoption of a new security model based on the intelligent inter-communication between identity management and data security. Syntegrity develop and implements unified solutions for Identity, Data, and Application security that dynamically adjusts to shifting risk requirements, enabling clients to counter threats as they emerge, not after they occur. 


With almost two decades of designing and integrating some of the largest, most complex security platforms in the world, we partner with our clients to build cohesion between legacy systems and the latest technologies. This approach extends the value of existing investments while creating a unified, secure environment that meets or exceeds compliance requirements. Available through either Professional or Managed Service option they improve control, visibility, and speed of deployment across the enterprise.

Our global network of offices fields the  largest team of Imperva, ForgeRock and FireEye certified specialists extending our record as a pioneering innovator on these platforms. Our Intelligent Security Platform integrates and unifies the capabilities of these platforms allowing them to inter-communicate providing context needed for intelligent authorization within your existing access control systems. 

Syntegrity is your essential partner for security and compliance efforts across the entire enterprise.